《GAC Update》2011年3月刊-GAC正式成立中国委员会


GAC Establishes China Regional Committee
On 24 March 2011 the PMI Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs (GAC), with the support of PMI (China), established the GAC China Regional Committee (GAC CRC) in Beijing, China. This committee’s mission is to support the primary GAC mission, that is, “to advance excellence in project management education [in the China region] through accreditation of academic programs.”
Professor Lin Shaopei of Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU) is the Chair of the CRC. The Vice-Chair is Professor Wang Shouqing of Tsinghua University, and the collaboration team leader of the China National Steering Committee of Professional Education of Masters of Engineering (SCME). The nine CRC members are from other universities and companies in the China region.
The GAC CRC is a volunteer liaison group between the GAC Board and the project management academic community in China. It administers and maintains policies and procedures for accrediting degree programs related to project management and consistent with GAC standards in alignment with the strategic objectives established the GAC board. Primarily, GAC CRC members guide applicant project management programs at universities through the GAC accreditation process, including reviewing and verifying all applicant materials, conducting onsite visits to applicant programs and making GAC accreditation recommendations to the GAC board.
This inaugural event included:
• The formal declaration of the Inauguration of the GAC CRC,
• A general overview of the GAC program,
• CRC members’ roles and expectations,
• Detailed operational processes for the CRC,
• Onsite team roles and responsibilities.
Additionally, Mr. Bob Chen, Managing Director of PMI China, made a presentation on the development of PMI in China and stated that PMI China will actively support the work of GAC with a series of events and operational support.
Following the GAC CRC Meeting, a half day session took place at Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications (BUPT). This session focused on the benefits, as well as the process of GAC accreditation. Members of the CRC and representatives from more than a dozen universities attended the meeting.
Highlights of the afternoon session included:
• Professor Lin Shaopei made a presentation on the Master of Engineering Project Management Program at the School of Mechanical Engineering of SJTU, focusing on the benefits attained from achieving GAC accreditation, especially in the opportunities for active cooperation with international universities, as well as the improvement to the quality of the program.
• Professors Cable and Crawford presented overviews of the GAC accredited programs that they were associated with at the University of Maryland, University of Technology, Sydney and Skema Business School, highlighting the benefits of GAC accreditation to these programs.
• Dr. Wang Shouqing stated that GAC accreditation is an effective way for universities in China to be known internationally, as first-class universities, as well as to and to improve the quality of their programs. Dr. Wang stated that SCME encourages Chinese universities to actively participate in GAC accreditation.
• Finally, in an effort to encourage Chinese universities with project management programs to consider GAC accreditation, Dr. Wang announced that in coordination with PMI China, SCME has made an important decision to authorize Chinese universities, who attain GAC accreditation and the Graduate Candidate Test (GCT) Result Ranking, to be able to increase the number of enrolled students significantly. More information on this key announcement will be provided in future issues of the GAC Update.
Several university representatives stated that they would actively explore the possibility of applying accreditation.
Below please find a listing of the newly appointed GAC CRC members and board members:
GAC CRC board members:
1. Shaopei Lin, Chair of GAC CRC, Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
2. Shouqing Wang, PhD, Vice-Chair of GAC CRC, Professor (PhD Student Supervisor) Deputy Director, Institute of International Engineering Project Management & Department of Construction Management
3. Lixiong Ou, PhD, Deputy Dean of Management School, Northwestern Polytechnical University
4. Bin Zhang, PhD, Guest Professor at Qsing Hua University, Zhejiang University
5. Xiaosheng Chen, General manager of SWS Research
GAC CRC members:
1. Yousong Wang, PhD, Dept. of Civil Engineering, South China Univ. Of Tech, Wushan
2. Yu Chen, PhD, Senior Project Manager, SICC (Shanghai Investment Consulting Corporation)
3. Lianfu Jiang, PhD, Director of Traffic Engineering Department of Civil Engineering College in Shenzhen University
4. Shuibo Zhang, PhD, Professor of Construction Management, College of Management and Economics, Dept of Construction Project Management, Tianjin University
5. Ronggui Ding, PhD, Dean of Department of Management Science and Engineering, School of Management, Shandong University
6. Xinguo Ming, PhD, CIM Institute, School of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Representing the GAC were:
• John Cable, R.A., PMP, GAC Board Chair, and Director of the Project Management Program at the University of Maryland
• Lynn Crawford, DBA, GAC Vice Chair, and Professor, Bond University, Australia and Skema Business School, France
• Lin Shaopei, PEng, GAC Board Member, and Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
• Saul Spivack, PhD, Manager, PMI Academic Relations
• Leslie Higham, CAE, Accreditation Programs Administrator
Representing PMI China were:
• Bob Chen, Managing Director, PMI China
• Jeff Liu, Market and Channel Manager, PMI China
The GAC would like to especially thank the PMI China staff, Professor Lin Shaopei of SJTU and BUPT for all of their assistance in making this event successful.
Look for more announcements in future issues regarding the activities of this committee.
——摘自《GAC UpdateMarch 2011, Volume 7, Issue 3