Prof. Xiong made a report for Municipal Central Committee of Nanchang

       Prof. Xiong Chengyu of Tsinghua University was invited to make a coaching report for a special report meeting of Nanchang Municipal Central Committee on June 1, 2018. The director of Nanchang People's Congress Standing Committee Chen Deshou , Municipal CPPCC Chairman Zhou Guan, other members of the municipal party committee and government leadership team, and Nanchang County counties, development zones (new districts), municipal Party committees, and city direct units responsible comrades participant the report together. Nanchang Municipal Committee Member and Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Director Long Henan presided over the report meeting.

        At the meeting, Prof. Xiong made an in-depth explanation and analysis with the theme of “City Image and Urban Competitiveness”, keeping abreast of actual development of Nanchang and focusing on the development core of Nanchang’s “Strongly Producing Thriving the City”, from the positioning, value, dissemination and promotion of competitiveness of urban image, and paths, methods and so on. He also broke down the breakthrough points into competitive advantage, value difference and spreading easiness on the basic of field investigation in Nanchang, the analysis of the city development status and the cases of history and contemporary. The competitive advantage include the culture, ecology, industry, and society. The spreading easiness was derived from the points of advantage and differences. They were linked together and connected at various levels, which outlined the competitiveness of Nanchang City for the promotion of comprehensive cities and the blueprint for forward-looking planning.

       After the meeting, Participants all said that this report would not only be highly theoretical, forward-looking, but also had a strong practical significance. It would be of great help to improve Nanchang’s understanding of urban development and urban competitiveness. It would also formed Nanchang City's strong theoretical momentum and spiritual support in the future development.