High-Level Dialogue on New Opportunities for the Belt and Road Initiative was held in Beijng

       The High-Level Dialogue on New Opportunities for the Belt and Road Initiative was held on the morning of June 15, 2018 in the National Hotel. Professor Xiong Chengyu, director of the National Cultural Industry Research Center of Tsinghua University, attended the meeting as the head of the joint organizer and gave a wonderful comment on the report of the conference speaker, Dr. Su Weiyi, on the New Environment for Investment in Saudi Arabia.

       Dr. Su Weiyi, who was the head of Saudi Arabia’s telecommunications department and currently Chairman of the Rushd Think Tank in Saudi Arabia, said: Saudi Arabia has always had extensive trade dealings with China. At present, Saudi Arabia has formulated the "2030 Vision" and is committed to developing a prosperous economy and creating a vibrant country. This vision is also an opportunity for future cooperation between China and Saudi Arabia. The "One Belt and One Road" initiative put forward by China contains many opportunities. He hopes that "2030 Vision of Saudi Arabia" and the "Belt and Road Initiative" are effectively linked. Prof. Xiong Chengyu made the following comments on Dr. Su Weiyi’s report. There is a good foundation in economic cooperation between China and Saudi Arabia. The key to the “Belt and Road Initiative” is to innovate the future. Under this framework, it is necessary to promote cultural exchange and civilization between the two countries. Mutual understanding between the people of two countries must also be based on the framework of the global destiny community. We hope that participants will assume their responsibility and play a role in “from today to the future and from Beijing to the world”.

       Professor Xiong Chengyu and Dr. Su Weiyi reached preliminary cooperation intention. The Chinese civilization has a long history. Saudi Arabia, as the center of the Arab and Muslim world, carries a profound cultural heritage. In the future, the two think tanks will work together to build a multi-level, high-level research and exchange based on the comparative study of cultures between China and Saudi Arabia.