Our mission

     National Research Center of Cultural Industries in Tsinghua University (RCCI) was founded in May 2004 under the leadership of the central government to strengthen academic research of cultural Industries and facilitate the developments of China's cultural Industries. The center was jointly founded by seven schools of Tsinghua University, including School of Journalism and Communication, School of Economics and Management, School of Public Policy & Management, School of Law, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Art and School of Information and Science under the approval of the committee of Tsinghua University.
     Currently Cultural Industries is drawing the attention of world leaders and scholars. Tsinghua National Research Center of Cultural Industries has the advantage of strong relations between academic and industrial fields. The center functions as the think tank for the central government officials with interdisciplinary operations. It is named as one of the "National Research & Development Bases for Philosophy and Social Science" of the country. In 2006, the center is nominated by the Cultural Ministry as National Research Center of Cultural Industries.
     The center has a strong research team with leading scholars around the country. Its mission is to contribute to the developments of China's cultural Industries by studying the patterns of China's economic and social changes and examining the experiences of other countries.