We have a batch of academic leaders who have influence in China and foreign countries. They are from different fields and have regular cooperation with the leading academic institutions and scholars of foreign countries.
Professor Xiong Chengyu, Center director, research interest is in the fields of cultural industries policy, theoretical innovation of culture industries, new media research, etc.;
Professor Yin hong, is good at in research of policy in radio, film and television; development of film industry;
Professor Cui Baoguo, the media economy, newspaper industrialization research and so on;
Professor Xue Lan, the public management policy;
Professor Chen Guoqing, electronic commerce and industry economics;
Professor Li Yanzu, the industry of traditional crafts;
Professor Lu Xiaobo, art and design;
Dong Shiwei, associate professor, the development of tourism industry;
Zhao Shuguang, associate professor, media surveys and economic aspects of media.