Our mission

     Based on the development of cultural industry in China, our center has formed a relatively mature research system :
     Research on Culture and cultural industry theory. Focus on topics including multiple properties of cultural industries and their relationshijps, general laws and special laws of cultural industries development, value chain of cultural industry, resource management of cultural industry, brand building of cultural industry and etc..
     Economics of Cultural Industry. Based on analysis of features, functions and advantages of domestic and foreign cultural industry, we try to find a new way to strengthen our cultural industries and make it fully developed. We are also trying to promote culture industries to grow fast so that it can make contributions for steady and rapid economic development of China.
     Cultural Industry and Social Development. Different communities may form different cultures, and different cultures can shape different society. In this context, the development of culture industries should be part of the whole country's harmonious development. For such reasons, we need to put humanism into all kinds of aspects of our cultural production, including production system, circulation system, consumption system and evaluation system so that people can be satisfied with our culture production and our society will be gradually healthy, balanced and sustainable.
     Policies and regulations of the cultural industry. It includes research of Laws and regulations, reform of cultural administrative system, investment and financing policies of cultural industries, cultural industries management pattern, cultural security supervision. Regulation innovation will speed the development of cultural industries. Things need to be innovated or re-defined includes: the relations between public cultural undertakings and cultural industries, government's role in the development of cultural industries, regional and industrial distribution of cultural industries, market relations and interaction patterns of all forms of ownership cultural industries, domestic and foreign cultural industries cooperation regulations.
     Technology Application and Cultural Industry Innovation. With the development of digital technology, fiber technology, satellite communications technology and intellectual technology, the production of cultural industries are all influenced by high-tech. Our center will concentrate on all these high-tech applications in the future.
      Since our center has been built, our team, including full-time and part-time researchers have completed tens of research projects. These includes 863 Plan, the Key Research Projects, National Social Science Fund. We takes actively part in academic exchange between US-China, the United Kingdom-China, Japan-China, EU-China and others. Only after the center was named as the National Research Center of Cultural Industries(2007-2009), researchers of the center complete 47 projects, including two at national level, 17 at provincial and ministerial level, and the total funds are more than 10 million.
     The researchers of the Center have published academic papers in some authority media such as People's Daily, Xinhua Digest, Journal of Tsinghua University and others, and some English-Chinese papers were published in SSCI, CSSCI, the core journals of China. More than 30 academic works are published from 2007 to 2009. Bimonthly "Cultural Industris Research" of the Center has been published more than 30 periods and its contents are all written by ourselves researchers, from which the Central Propaganda Department excerpts seven of them to the central leadership.
     Professor Xiong Chengyu, director of the Center, achieved "outstanding contribution award of creative industries" in 2008. "Information Society 4.0" written by Chengyu Xiong has gained the second prize of outstanding achievements in the eighth philosophy and social science of Beijing. “Walking towards the large film industry” written by Professor Yin Hong has won the first prize of academic paper in The China Golden Rooster & Hundred Flowers Film Festival in 2006. “Research on influence factors of new technology spread: a case study of the flat-panel TV marketing in China” written by Cui Baoguo and others has won the first prize of Chinese Society for Science and Technology Journalism. Yin Hong won 2008 annual cultural industries character awards evaluated by “Chinese culture paper".
※2009-2012         Major projects of National Social Science Funds
   Developing the researches on theories and practices of the cultural industries in China
※2009.2-2011.6     Sub-project of Philosophy and Social Science Funds by Ministry of Education of
   International Strategy of Chinese Cultural Industries
※2009.1-2009.12     Ministry of Culture
   A comparative research on the development patterns of  regional cultural industries
※2007.1-2007.12     Ministry of Culture
   High technology and cultural industries
※2005.3-2006.12     Major projects of National Social Science Funds
   Theory and Practice Research of Developing Chinese Cultural Industries
※2005.3-2006.11     Central Propaganda Department
   The current status, features and trends of international cultural industries