Our mission

     Ever since the establishment, the centre focuses on training master, PHDand post doctor. For these 5 years, we have trained over 100 postgraduates majoring in media operation and management, new media research, film and television studies; 7 post doctors in management science and engineering; 2 post doctors on communication. Our centre adds “cultural industries and media economics” in the first-level subjects, co-educates post doctors on management science and engineering with the school of Economics and Management in Tsinghua and co-trains students on cultural industries with Korean.
     In 2005, as the chair, our centre hosted joint conference on college subject constructions of  cultural industries. We submitted subject construction suggestion to Ministry of Education.
     In terms of interdisplinarity cooperation, our centre starts with subject construction to carry out cooperative research with pioneering figures in media-related fields. The centre carries out deep and profound cooperative research with academic leaders from related subject areas of the school of Economics and management. So far, it has made outstanding achievements in co-educating post doctors on management science and engineering with Professor Chen Guoqing. The centre conducts extensive cooperative research with main academic leading figures from college of humanities and social science and academy of arts on the level of project cooperation.